ONE MONTH is a sculpture representing the monthly meat consumption in Germany. The sculpture consists of 62 matt-black bones, which are piled up into a heap. Some of them show different figures and facts about the environmentalimpact of the meat consumption depicted. The sculpture makes the viewers think about their own meat consumption and its consequences.

One kilogram of beef requires 15,000 liters of water, emits approximately 25 kilograms of CO2, and produces about 10 kilograms of methane

The project was initiated under the concept of "Figurines," in collaboration with KPM and Ineke Hans at UDK Berlin. Subsequently, it was showcased for a duration of two weeks at
Schloss Pillnitz. "Figurines" typically refer to small, often decorative sculptures or statuettes, and in this context, they likely represent a key theme or focus of the project. More Information under One Month.